Heidelberg is an amazing city set picturesquely against the banks of the Neckar River, which flows west to the River Rhine.  A thriving student city, it is the home to the Heidelberg Castle, the Holy Mountain of Heidelberg, the longest town center street in Europe (about 4 kilometers), and many universities, shops, restaurants, and tourists.

The town center has tons of international shops, food vendors, and holiday Christmas Markets.

The main street, Silvia Ashley & Marco, The famous, pub-lined ‘Untere Strasse’ (Lower Street).

IMG_6017 IMG_6019 IMG_6028

Infamous Heidelberg Clapping Man, Main Street, Roasted Christmas Nuts.

IMG_6020 IMG_6030 IMG_6021

Tourists taking photographs, Heidelberg Cathedral – Church of the Holy Spirit, Christmas shop.

IMG_6033IMG_6032 IMG_6026

Christmas Market with the Castle in the background, Ice-rink in the town center.


German chocolates.


The Heidelberg Castle was first established in 1214 AD and has survived to the present day.

Stairs up to the Castle, The front entrance, View of the Holy Mountain.

IMG_6044 IMG_6052 IMG_6076

View from the castle grounds, Side view of the castle.

IMG_6049 IMG_6051 

Castle Entrance, Inside the Courtyard, View of the Neckar River.

IMG_6054IMG_6056 IMG_6078

Pictures of the Tun of Heidelberg. The Tun is one of the biggest wine barrels in all of Europe, and is still filled with wine. There is a legend that accompanies these pictures, the second picture being of Perkeo of Heidelberg. Perkeo was a court jester and the master of spirits for the castle. As legend goes, Perkeo built the wine barrel after making a bet that he could drink the entire contents within a period of one day. He eventually died in the process and is said to still rest inside the barrel.


The day ended with a visit to the Heidelberg Thingstatte, a massive amphitheater located on top of the Holy Mountain. This area has been a spiritual center point for thousands of years and even holds some holy burial grounds from before Roman times. Adolf Hitler erected over 40 of these enormous theaters all over German territory, and had planned to build over 300. The theaters were used for Propaganda Rallies. For this reason, present day events are prohibited at the grounds, except for a music festival once per year.

IMG_6104 IMG_6095IMG_6092 IMG_6094

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