The Real Gliwice

Most of the pictures that people post from their travels abroad showcase the beauty of whatever place they’re in. But the world isn’t perfect. Poland is beautiful. Poland is ugly. Poland is just like any other place. There seems to be a trend towards more realistic photos of life, and I like that. Life isn’t always clean lines, perfect frames, and categorized into subjects. So here are my photos of the the Real Gliwice.

windows winter mickiewicz winter rynek no trespassingThis picture was taken on a run during one winter day. I was running along the river (pictured below) towards the farmlands outside the city. Minimal house music was tapping in my headphones along with the crunch of my shoes in the snow. I looked around and noticed some guys lurking in the distance, completely covered in white and gray camouflage, at first I didn’t think twice about them. As I got closer I noticed that there were about 12 of them and they were carrying guns – big guns. One of them yelled a command and I jumped up and nearly shit my pants. I turned the corner as fast as I could and sprinted up the road. A few paces later an army truck drove by; I decided he was going to pick up those troops and that I had stumbled across their checkpoint. I caught my breath after realizing it was probably just a training excercise, and then saw this sign (pictured above). Apparently there’s a big military training zone outside Gliwice in the woods. I still run in that area and have seen plenty of training exercises, tanks, military vehicles, and heard explosions and weapon testing. I think I would make a good spy. winter stream fog Muzeum Villa CaroThis van was parked outside our house. Trust me, it’s much smaller than it looks in this picture. Where are we? Poland or Japan? van tree streetBelow – the street we walk down every day to get home. Also the home to our favorite dive bar – Ministerstwo w Sledzia i Wodki. street poster flower tank bikeLittle girl with a ginger beer (ABV 4.5%). Great parenting. Poles start young. bar churchStraz miejska are the street police in Poland. They’re more like meter maids than actual cops. Caught them red-handed taking a smoke break out in an empty lot after coming home from a field run. police HouseBelow is the abandoned Gliwice Mine. Huge complex out in the middle of the fields near Ostropa. It’s extremely ugly, unmaintained, and looks like an awesome place to break into and lurk around the in middle of the night. abandoned mine jesus tractor jesus ruins sign tree Post office what? ice skating Maluch farms construct Memorial Gliwice Water Tower party the real Pawel party Pawel kopalnia-mine huh? blacksexenergy treats

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