Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakow

This isn’t just any mine- All sculptures/designs are 100% hand-carved into rock salt by Polish miners.  First, you must journey about 200 feet (64 meters) into the Earth, by taking over 350 steps, and that gets you to the first level of the mine.  Throughout the tour you continue to go deeper and deeper to access newer-rooms and cathedrals of the mine.  Including an underground lake which sits 443 feet (135 meters) underground.  Apparently, about 1.2 million people visit the mine every year.

I didn’t want to pay to check-in my camera so, here are the photos I managed to sneakily capture !

IMG_5656  IMG_5658


IMG_5661 IMG_5659  IMG_5687 

Finally at the first level.. where I find out: ‘you cannot use cameras unless you paid’ .. oh, oops..

IMG_5671 IMG_5670

Salt Cathedral – even the chandelier crystals are made of salt !


“The Last Supper” carved into rock salt

IMG_5674 IMG_5676IMG_5680 IMG_5678

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